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Nearest Petrol Station
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Nearest Petrol Station displays the ten nearest petrol stations to your current location. All brands will display by default, you can select your favourite brand of fuel. For fuel prices visit Petrol Prices Melbourne. Nearest Petrol Station covers Melbourne and the surrounding area. If you're travelling to Sydney or NSW, try Closest Petrol Station.




Nearest Petrol Station

When driving there is often a need to top up the petrol and find the nearest petrol station. Often people have a preferred brand of service station either through habit, or they may be participating in the brands loyalty program. Other people simply select the most convenient nearest petrol station. The Nearest Petrol Station web app let you easily see the nearest ten petrol stations either for any brand, or the brand you prefer.

The Nearest Petrol Station map shows your current location as the white marker. Each petrol station is marked with the marker with a symbol which makes it easy to recognise the brand.

To get to the nearest petrol station you can either zoom in on the map so the map is easier to read, or you can press on the petrol station marker or the directions... link in the list of petrol stations.

The list of petrol stations shown in Nearest Petrol Station is order according to the distance from your current location as the crow flies, that is, a direct path between yourself and the petrol station. The actual distance is usually further.


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